Monday, 7 June 2010

Confessions of a Belgian Waffle

Today proved to be very unsuccessful in terms of going to the beach (cue shivering under beach towels whilst trying to shake sand out of the Dorito's. Said sand consequently gets in our eyes. All the while my consistent worry remains the fact that my hair is quickly blowing into it's stubbornly un-brushable state). Yet in terms of fashion, it's a quick reminder that the A/W collections will soon be upon us.
So far the sneak preview has included woolens; for example the all in one woolen shorts by Jil Sander and Prada's knee high woolen socks. The colors remain muted in homage to the minimalist look of the S/S collection. And the camel coat by the likes of Chanel keeps cropping up in various photo's and magazines. Through this mish mash of ideas will no doubt come a definitive look when the collections hit the high street around September. By then hopefully the rain will have a legitimate excuse to be beating down my window.

In terms of more traditional art forms; Alison Read deserves a look up. Her blunt, black and white print style ranges from the soft smudged charcoal appeal of a baby elephant, to a harsh linear crow. Specializing in animals she is most definitely on my radar. And consequently a few of her prints can be brought from a shop on Parchment Street in Winchester.

Lastly if you're not already in the know-this blog needs a read.

And a thank you for inspiring this blog title.

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