Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Season of the Mother

Today I decided to have a day to myself, to sort out money, finally call some people back and generally do all the boring stuff I used to watch my parents do. After drinking copious amounts of tea and listening to Ke$ha's album on repeat, I'm still planning on doing those things. But for now my mind is occupied with the fact that this season; hemlines have been lowered (dignity is back people!), flats or kitten heels are very much the new stiletto (I may need to remember this one), and trousers are the new dress, in boy cut, straight and even flare. As well as knitted woolens and muted colors, it's even been claimed that the chicest place to holiday this winter is England.
It's gone back in time as models sported fur and wool, whilst other shows drew inspiration from the 50's , 60's and 70's.
Outdoors is the word on the street as Lagerfeld even flew in a giant iceberg from Sweden to display his new line of outfits.
Good news for my mother. If she spends her perfect afternoon in her kitten heeled flip flops, her floor length skirt and her woolen scarf, reading her Catherine Cookson book outside a caravan; she will be the height of fashion. Tres Tres Chic.

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