Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Living Dead

Local street artists located in Paris and Berlin have created graffiti with a difference.
These images are made from discarded animal pelts and fur coats. Scattered across the cities, they form the shapes they once held in life, acting as a reminder of the lives that have been taken.

These lambs adorn a slaughterhouse. Numbered for effect they eternally wait for their death. Although wool is considered an okay pelt to be seen in, it is the way the animals are killed that anger protestors and organisations such as PETA.

Wolves run the streets along with animals such as bulls, deer, cats and bears. Amongst the concrete buildings a moose watches over commuters as a leopard creeps along some railings. Although all silenced, they are far from hidden.
To see the full gallery of these living dead visit: http://www.neozoon.org/pictures.html

If the 2D life forms were not enough, the creators have also come up with something quite chilling. These animated creations are robots, covered in the discarded pelts. Although the movements are far from active, it effectively hammers home that these animals should be doing so much more. They have been killed, skinned and then re animated in such a way that you tend to forget these faceless creations were killed so someone else could wear their fur.

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