Sunday, 20 November 2011

Monkey Business.. Oh and Law.

We've been working on What's On for... I lose count of the weeks.
But what I should never lose track of is how much media law dogs us; even as student journalists creating our (technically) amateur(ish) work. (See how I attempted to dodge Defamation there? Learnt something)
In our Halloween special, Jake Gable and I came across the problem of Fair Dealing. In other words, Copyright. We tried to use trailer clips of a couple of the films we were promoting and ran into the issue of, well, just stealing images really. However after a few tweaks here and there (cutting them down to half their length and putting huge "This belongs to...." on the images, we survived).

Yet copyright is actually a major issue; for instance this debate that I've highlighted down below...

If you find media law a bit, slow-going, shall we say. Here is an article on copyright law, involving monkeys.
Basically, a guy went on holiday where a couple of cheeky chimps, took his camera and took photos of themselves. Harmless enough-but now there is a debate going on about who actually owns the images. According to laws, the monkeys do. But don't tell Cater News Agency that...

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