Friday, 30 October 2009

Leader of the Pack

Today we were granted an opportunity to briefly interview Keith Johnson. The newly appointed captain of Wolverhampton football club. A man with self proclaimed "typically English" values, he believes in hard work and perseverance. This will be a far cry from the champagne guzzling lifestyle his players originally enjoyed.
A former manager of Blackpool: Johnson lent his hand to successfully raising his former team high in the league. A feat that had Johnson noticed and admired.

With a new challenge to hand, he willingly admits that his new team has a reputation with the press. The Wolves are well known for their late night parties, typically becoming tabloid fodder. With this in mind, Johnson is treating this behaviour with the kind of punishment they should have grown out of: a curfew and an alcohol ban. Johnson claims he wants his players to remain in their houses as opposed to seeing them falling about in the papers. He states "they have a job to do", and adds, it may even be short-lived. Although his comments and techniques appear harsh, he is driven by high hopes. He claims that he has his eyes set on a few (unnamed) players he believes could make the 2010 championship.

Johnson's strong beliefs in hard work are reflected in everything he says. His role model is David Moyes; for the fact that Moyes' success at Everton is down to pure hard work as opposed to money. When asked what he believes his Wolves strongest points are, he claims that it's team work-something that will bring in success on the pitch.

Though he states he still needs to find a premiership goal keeper and bring in supporters to watch them play; Johnson seems happy with his career move. He believes his natural leadership means that a job like this has always been in the back of his mind. Lets just hope the head of this team can subdue his unruly pack in time.

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