Thursday, 1 October 2009

Welcome to my world.

So who knew that having the ability to write down squiggles and then decipher them into English is apparently very handy. Not having this ability can cost you any future job and possibly even have you sent to jail. Literally translated they are words containing no vowels, last time I checked this was called Welsh, but in the world of journalism, this is called Shorthand. A form of writing which, if ever penned incorrectly, could have me unexpectedly putting words into peoples mouths. In my new world, this a crime. 
But we need to backtrack. Before all this began, back on a day which I believe to have been a Tuesday, I was informed of all sorts of fun and risky things a journalist encounters during their career. Things such as being sued for libel, sued for contempt of court, or, the icing on top of the cake; sent to jail. 
However, according to this observant blogger, the regulations of contempt of court are rather vague when it comes to technology such as blogs. 
His article (which was subsequently published in The Guardian) explains the grey matter of bloggers releasing information that would otherwise be restricted in mainstream newspapers and broadcasting channels.
I myself would personally not want to risk it. I have never looked good in convict orange.
Woe betide me if I ever put down the wrong squiggle.

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