Friday, 8 January 2010

Let It Snow

As temperatures reach -18c in parts of England this weekend, it can only be expected that certain groups of people begin the usual outcry of Global Warming. Papers have started documenting the chill with language such as "locked in" and "grim warning". As if this is it. Armageddon has come in the form of a soft blanket of snow.
People cleverly seem to forget that a hundred or so years ago, the Thames River itself used to freeze over during winter months; so much so that Londoners would then hold their daily markets on it. Children would ice skate and no doubt inspire those cheesy little Christmas cards we see today.
If this kind of extreme weather condition were to happen today there would be panic. Of course it would be our fault it had happened. We would be to blame for the sparkling scenery and the smiling snowmen on every corner. Our pollution has caused rain itself to freeze in the clouds! Damn, if only we had turned off our televisions instead of putting them on standby.

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