Saturday, 9 January 2010

Lindsay Lohan On Child Trafficking?

I'm not going to beat around the bush; I am a fan of Lindsay Lohan; have her movies, feel sorry for her that she has become such a train wreck. But this documentary takes the biscuit just a little. The girl looks like she has somehow woken up in India with no idea how she got there. The 0:56 mark is a look of fear, and Lindsay's advice on the subject of child trafficking?
It's not the parents who are in the wrong, it's not the children who are in the wrong, it's the traffickers who are in the wrong.
Though it's nice to see Lindsay with worthwhile work again, and hopefully she will shed some light on the awful situation in India; maybe they could have clued her in just a little?


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  2. Wow, that's bright of her. Like you siad, it's great to see celebrities like Lindsay Lohan do things like charity work but could she atleast try to make it slight a little bit more sincere?!