Saturday, 6 February 2010

New York New York

As lectures are now a mere 48 hours away, It's time to reflect on the holiday's that are coming to an end. Probably my most memorable holiday within a holiday I've had in a while. Five days of it were spent in New York City with the fabulous Domonique Jenkins!
This being a product of a particularly boring hour before a seminar and a conversation that went something like: "Dom, do you want to come to New York with me?" "Yes!!". About 24 hours later it was booked and we had approximately a month to start saving. Some may call us silly, but planning and thinking just takes the fun out of things.
And needless to say the months panic beforehand was completely worth it.
It was my third time in the city but Domonique's first, so we did the Empire State Building (twice), the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Ice Skating in Central Park,some serious designer shopping went down on Fifth avenue, we visitied the Rockefeller and other tourist spots. We did more unusual things such as make reception order us Chinese food at 1am,(A minimum order of $30! So we got buffalo wings and fries from Benash instead) eat a box of Taffy then shout out our 16th story window to the people below, make friends with the people in RadioShack, get a gross vegetarian burger (which we hadn't actually planned on), and decide to eat cheesecake for breakfast (worst decision ever). We also followed some recommendations from friends such as heading to Dylans Candy Store. I feel that in five days we managed to accomplish a lot, to much to put down into one blog. And I'm probably forgetting about a million things.We tried to put on our Journalist hats when on our last day we had a bomb scare. Upon firstly getting annoyed that we had to walk around the block to get to our hotel, we attempted to ask the cop what had happened but he wouldn't spill. So we ran upstairs to our hotel room and put on FOX news before going back down and asking the firemen instead. Well, that and to get photos with the men in uniform. Not going to lie.
But apparently New York takes unattended bags very seriously and the tape came down by the afternoon.
We spent the last few hours sitting in Central Park trying not to count down the minutes. It is extremely hard to put down how New York makes you feel into words. I'm racking my brains trying to describe exactly how it feels when you leave and I'm pretty sure Dom knows what I'm trying to say here! It is the most amazing place in the world. It's the only place where it is constantly light, where you don't need a sun or a sky. It's in it's own universe. The whole city just buzzes, and you can feel it the moment you arrive and you most definitely miss it when you're home. It's the only place where you don't mind sleeping through sirens and car horns because it's almost like a lullaby. You wake up excited to be where you are in the world and it's impulsive to go to the window just to soak it in. It's the best kind of wake up call. It was my third time there and I still feel the same as I did the first time I stepped out onto it's concrete.

After our time was up in the incredible New York, we managed to snag a limo ride back to JFK (thanks Armando!) and we watched the Empire skyline fade into the distance as we rode through Queens. And to quote Dom as we set off; "It feels like we're leaving home!", and I couldn't agree more. But we will be back New York. I read a quote on a billboard whilst in Battery Park that sums it up as best as can be: "What is it in the New York air that makes sleep useless? Perhaps it is that the heart beats faster here than anywhere else".

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