Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New York Fashion Week

So New York Fashion Week is upon us once again; and this time around it has brought pastels, beiges, whites and utility to the A/W collection.
Although this Summer was promised bright colors and sailor stripes-it appears we are fading out of the winter in trench coats, dull colors and clogs no less!
Like the shoulder pads of '09 created by Balmain-this collection is no doubt heavily inspired by the recession we are recovering from. The shoulder pads of last year represented woman taking a stand; as they did in the eighties for women in the workplace, so they did for the credit crunch of 2009. Granting power back to those in need of it. This seasons collection screams practicality. It's the outfit of someone who's bank balance has been hurt so bad they're unable to buy many more clothes. Although this thought is painful to consider-the fashion world has us in their thoughts as they create a line up of minimalist simple looks. Nothing extravagant it makes the financially crippled wardrobe a smorgasbord of opportunity. Even the plain white t-shirt has been reinvented by names like Chanel, Yves St Laurent, and Stella McCartney.
Although Balmain refuses to go quietly, still sporting leather; Denim is also back in force along with the jumpsuit. Marc by Marc Jacobs sported military influence down the runway and the trench coat revelled in beige being back in.
Although there is a gaping hole where Alexander McQueen should be, the show must go on-albeit in heavy snow and clogs.

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