Friday, 26 March 2010

Newsday Bulletin week 3

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Southampton was brought to a standstill on Thursday after an unexploded bomb was discovered in London Road; near the city centre.
The device, which had been left over from World War II, was uncovered by builders working on the site.
Both ends of London Road were cordoned off by police and nearby residents were evacuated.
Oliver Harry, who specializes in the councils "Safe City" area of work, was on hand to help with the evacuees.

IN WORDS: "40 minutes after"...
OUT WORDS: ..."To stay for the evening"
DURATION: 12 Seconds

The bomb was later removed by bomb disposal experts in the early hours of Friday morning and taken away to be safely detonated.

Would-be MP’s of Winchester were quizzed last week on the ongoing debate over fox hunting.
Martin Tod, Patrick Davies and Steve Brine for the Liberal Democrats, Labour and Conservative parties respectively, were asked their opinions on overturning the five year ban.
Davies stated he was fully against the idea of bringing it back, whereas Brine opposed that it was a bad law and should be repealed. Martin Tod for the Liberal Democrat party also gave his opinion.


Inmates at Winchester community prison are to come under scrutiny as a new programme involves installing television links in their cells.
The footage will be watched by doctors at Winchester hospital to observe their health. It is hoped that this will reduce the cost of security needed to escort inmates over when they need treatment.
The plan is currently being tested at Andover and it's hoped the programme will be installed in Winchester as soon as possible.
Ruth Buckley, a nurse at the hospital explains the benefits.


In other news, £10,000 worth of grant money has just been awarded to the Prime Theatre Company in Winchester.
The unique theatre gives opportunities to older people to act and participate in shows and was recently awarded the money by the national lottery.
Ros Liddiard, director of the Prime Theatre group explains what she hopes to spend the money on.


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