Saturday, 3 April 2010

Curse of the Oscars

As Sandra Bullock and Jesse James go through their public break up and scandal-I suspect this is the last thing on their minds; yet some of us can't help but notice the connection between winning Best Actress; and then losing your husband.
A random connection but a connection nonetheless; one that has so far been held by
Julia Roberts, Hilary Swank, Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Winslet, and now Sandra Bullock.

Clearly the new golden man in their wives lives was to much for these guys to bear as this list would appear to prove;
Julia Roberts lost her husband Benjamin Bratt in 2001 after winning Best Actress, Reese Witherspoon also suffered after winning for Walk the Line, her and Ryan Phillipe, with whom she has two children, announced their divorce. Hilary Swank lost her man Chad Lowe in 2006, Halle Berry split from David Justice and in 2009-Kate Winslet split from Sam Mendes.

Although all actresses have different and varying reasons for leaving their lovers (Jesse James in particular pulled a bit of a Tiger Woods on Sandra Bullock with mistresses pouring in with claims), they all seem to have the worst kind of comedown from their big night.
Lets hope the next winner whoever she may be; is single.

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