Monday, 4 October 2010

Cara's Life Lessons, And The Case Of The Missing Cheese Grater.

With a lack of newspapers, fashion exhausted, and HCJ finally done, I'm willing to blog about myself for lack of a better subject.

After just over a month of living in Orchard House, I have learnt a number of things which I am happy to share in case anyone else is blissfully oblivious to these complications in life:
-The large noisy fan above the oven is in fact called an extractor fan, not an exfoliator fan.
-No matter how much I tidy, the place seems to collect toast crumbs, sock fluff and make up stains within a day.
-Fish don't like it when you play loud music right next to their tank.
-My laundry doesn't do itself and fold itself neatly across my bed like it used to.
-Plus it needs ironing.
-I'm not allowed to leave my clothes, belts or shoes around the kitchen because Karen trips over them.
-Some microwaves have a button which needs to be pushed to get it to open, and no amount of pulling will change that.
-Microwave cheeseburgers definitely need to be microwaved, don't even attempt to put them in the oven
-Life without Sky+ HD isn't fun. Where on earth is E!News!?
And Justina tends to sleep talk when you sneak into her room late at night to get the nail varnish.

Yet I still haven't learnt how to cook, and I've lost my cheese grater. Which I never thought I would do considering it's bright pink. But there you have it.

This first week back at University has in itself taught me a fair few things, including how to use Joomla. The system responsible for our Winchester News Online Site. The revision sessions on camera and the editing equipment were much needed and appreciated it has to be said. Plus helping my friends Keegan and Justina on their feature filming every so often is handy. But none of it has of yet helped to find my cheese grater. Priorities, priorities.

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