Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Unintelligible Presenters

The American phenomenom which has had everybody talking lately has been the weird spate of high profile presenters suddenly talking unintelligible gibberish on television. Presenters including news anchors and the infamous Judge Judy begin talking normally but descend into words and phrases that don't make any sense.

These are just two cases of a handful of presenters who have experienced this in the past week. People behind the scenes have clarified that there were no auto-cue difficulties and the presenters themselves have claimed they were not in control of what was coming out of their mouths. A few also claimed to have suddenly experienced a searing head pain at the same time.
Both the anchor featured at the bottom of the two videos and Judge Judy (Judith Sheindlin) were rushed to nearby hospitals for tests where the anchor above was diagnosed with a severe migraine which could have caused a minor stroke. However there still remains no explanations for the remainder which experienced the same phenomena at similar times.

So: aliens? the military? I'm sure you'll find every available explanation for a few weeks. But as long as it doesn't occur on WINOL, we're good.

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  1. It is being caused be too much hairspray obviously. These are good notes. You should re-crunch your notes on people like Galbraith and Camus and read them to camera using the autocue with cut always. Sometimes you can use movies copyright free if you are reviewing the films. So you could make an HCJ film and make it entertaining with a good script. Just an idea.

    I always though the style of these was very good and easy to do. You could pick a passage from an HCJ book like say The Outsider; or the Tractatus and read it and edit in this style.