Saturday, 15 October 2011

Spot The Problem

We're back. After a lengthy Summer period which went past in a flash, we have returned to Winchester News Online. Where I now have the promotion from "What's On Girl", to Showbiz Editor. I do exactly the same thing, I just now sound more important when I fire off those oh so important emails begging for an interview.

Last weeks show was trial and error. I now have a producer in the form of Jake Gable, who is my camera man, co-presenter and general help when I start flapping over things like what to say in a link. We struggled initially to come up with a layout for the show, since this time around we wanted the show to be more engaging and more hands on. Anything showing the presenters up is going to be good viewing, and trying the events ourselves means we can have much more fun making the show. Especially when it's myself and Jake Gable who manage to find a pun or cheesy line to fit into any situation.

We narrowed it down to a Salsa Class, which Jake Gable attended alone on account of me being ill. A clip of Matthew LeTissier being interviewed which we borrowed from the guys over at Sports, and an interview we got with Rebecca Vaughan; the star of the show I,Elizabeth which is currently touring the country.
Although the show essentially came off without a hitch, we did encounter the usual problems upon the way. So in true fashion and to make my lecturers proud, I will simply list the things we could have done better.

Problem #1:
Two cameras were originally just an idea to create a polished looking
finishing touch. (Two angles, practically Sky News). Instead it ended up
being a necessity, as, despite checking the cameras meticulously before
we left, one of them decided to give up on life just as we got into the

Problem #2:
Thanks to Problem #1, we captured Rebecca Vaughans answers to my
questions, but the moment she left, had to re-record me asking the same
questions, in the same tone of voice, to her empty chair. I literally
deserved an Oscar for my acting that day. I will thank the dead camera in
my acceptance speech.

Problem #3:
Dressing rooms have mirrored walls. Which is fantastic. Especially when
you don't want to get a reflection of a camera behind the stars head.
Lord knows we don't want the camera to be seen! A magician never reveals
their secrets.

Problem #4:
Props can't be hung on hot lightbulbs. Just saying.

I could go on. There was also the issue with the fact that I (unintentionally) gave myself the better camera angle whilst interviewing Rebecca, to the point where I made myself look more important. Given my (apparent) diva attitude and my (slight) tendency to want to hog camera time, I just get raised eyebrows when I say that this was NOT on purpose. Though I'm sure Freud would disagree.
Jake also encountered problems when he ventured out alone. Apparently Salsa classes are in the dark these days. Meaning poor old Jake was a mere silhouette upon our Final Cut Pro screen when it came to editing. Thank the powers that be that he did have shots in the light and we salvaged it with a voiceover (and a pun!).

Despite our setbacks, which unfortunately everybody must face, we pulled together a show. And for our first week back it could most definitely have gone worse.
Next week we're prepared to face all this, but in London for our Halloween special. It's going to be scarily good, I promise. (Sorry, couldn't resist).
But if you can't wait that long, watch last weeks show and play "Spot The Problems" to yourself.
There'll be less and less problems each week so enjoy the easy levels why they last.

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