Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Boys Club

I started reading The Guardian for no other reason than because I had to. I've always been a Daily Mail reader, always have, always will be; but there is something delightfully appealing about my thumbed through Guardians; currently scattered left right and centre across my bed in various stages of disrepair.
For starters-although always with a front page focused on current affairs; further reading opens up the world of media, the world of education, sports, arts and G2; a section for global news. The paper is littered with various articles from varying journalists-all giving their opinion. From Cheryl Cole's hair extensions to the Christmas display at Harrods this year. Albeit, these opinions are usually cynical-with articles that usually have me arguing to the journalists stationary picture smiling back at me. Yet in this sense; the paper does it's job. It creates discussions; it doesn't just report on the news-it offers opinions and incites discussion.
The Guardian has another appealing factor in the form of G2. A book which covers stories from around the globe-talking up art exhibits and telling the stories of many an international person. For me personally, I haven't yet read a paper that piqued my interest as much since New Zealand (I still have a spreadsheet from this particular paper at home on my wall).

So to get to the point-The Guardian recently published an article on Universities such as Manchester and Oxford forming "Men Societies". Classes on how to teach men to survive in society today and how to be a man. A quote from the Cherwell University website states "Do you expect men to mysteriously find their way alone?".
This is quite simply, nothing more than an elaborate oxymoron. The stereotypical man; (the type these classes are intending to enforce) is surely independence, strength etc. Qualities not found in a class of young boys talking to each other about their day to day stresses. I feel that the ideal man these boys are wanting to emulate, would scoff at the idea of this boys club going on behind closed doors.
Though I can see the agenda behind it; (men are frequently being told various ways to behave and act by the media), when it comes down to it; if woman can get through teenager land intact, so can someone who calls himself a real man.
But If you're really that worried boys, I'll let you into a little girls secret; write into the agony aunt at Cosmo magazine.
Don't worry, you can remain anonymous.

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