Monday, 9 November 2009


The Romantic Revolution, and the ideas and beliefs of Rousseau and other Romanticists involved several components-all of which can be found penned in the book Lyrical Ballads.
Although not written by Rousseau; William Wordsworth was incredibly inspired by him and ultimately penned these individual poems. Each one gives good background knowledge on the individual belief systems that ran through the Romantic Revolution.

-First and foremost, Romantics idealised nature, which they believed should be respected and admired on a daily basis. This is represented in "The Mad Mother".
The woman has turned her back on industry and found peace in what Romanticists would believe to be her natural state. In the wild.

-Secondly, there were children: the epitome of innocence, Romanticists believe they were yet to be spoilt by life's ugliness.
Seen in "Anecdote for Fathers". The father admits he could learn so much from his child's simplicity.

-Superstition and the afterlife; ghosts and pagan Gods were all amongst those respected by followers of the Romantic revolution. "We Are Seven"
represents this by the child's adamancy over her siblings still being with her, though they are dead.

-The Poor: they alone respected the countryside and were grateful for what it provided. The poor were believed to be peaceful people, truly happy with their lives until it is disturbed by industry and the rich. The beginning of "The Female Vagrant" represents this.

As much as Romanticists had strong emotions on these topics, on the other end of the spectrum-they rallied against such things as industry and capital punishment, all of which they believed restricted human beings from being free.
This idea is expressed in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem "The Convict" which can also be found online.
These are just some of the many poems contained within the book, all of which contain the beliefs of the impending revolution. It's not the greatest read in life lets face it, but it makes Bertrand Russell a tinier bit better to understand right?
Atleast i hope it does. Goodnight

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