Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ignorance Is Your New Best Friend

Upon doing my daily rounds of clothes surfing the internet; I found the gruesome discovery that fur is making a large comeback. Unfortunately, the carcasses hanging off the models were in no way fake-and were proud to not be so.
Sporting Leopard skin coats and Lynx fur collars; Givenchy was even seen to have been using fur to line their new shoes.
This display of ignorance has been sneaking back since the infamous 1980's protests in many a way.
Designers and their insiders claim that since the world is currently focused upon global warming and the supposed effects of climate change-no one has noticed the occasional Chinchilla coat or Mink arm warmer. Now, animal farming is back in a huge way. Although this practice is banned here in England; our main supplier now comes in the usual form. Every animal fur product you will see should undoubtedly bear the stamp "Made in China".
Consumers of the coats, when asked; claim that the fur makes them feel "classy" and "primitive". I personally do not see why reverting back to a state where society has just invented the wheel is a positive state to be in; but it surely backs up the argument that consumers of the clothes display a high level of unintelligence-and more importantly; ignorance.
Designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier, who in 2006 displayed a new line of fur inspired clothing, was later shown a video of how his fur had come to be. The video depicted caged and abused animals, so tired of their existence, every emotion was displayed on their face. It could be argued that they had no existence. Their life would end being skinned alive. Reports say that one animal in particular during the video, was still alive for a few lingering moments after it had been skinned. It's face the picture of pain and puzzlement. It's almost a blessing it doesn't know that the agony it endured is being used to line the sole of someone's shoe.
One insider sent to a fur farm states
"If I close my eyes I can still see them there. Walking away from the farm was one of the hardest things I have ever done."
Gaultier was shocked into renouncing the use of fur in later seasons. Yet this didn't stop Dior sporting animal products a season later.
Most consumers are duped into believing that the fur is a by product of meat. This is in no way true and is just another display of ignorance.
The banning of fur farms in England has not made a difference, except to our moral stance as a society. The wearing of fur as a whole should be illegal; along the same lines as ivory and poaching.
This highly interesting article details the shocking process of a normal fur farm and lists the celebrities who have recently been seen to wear the consequences.


If people want to feel like a cave person, by all means hunt the poor animal to death themselves. If they can do this without complaint or feeling, maybe they are the type of person who deserves to wear nothing more than a carcass.

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